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                                   Harbour Pointe Golf Club

               11817 Harbour Pointe Blvd.  Mukilteo, WA. 98275

We have a covered area on the driving range.

Questions or make an appointment (425) 344-2581

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Chris Aoki Golf Lessons and Teaching Philosophy                                                                    

Welcome to making golf lessons easy and fun. We teach in a progressive, systematic manner. One step leads to the next in a way that is easy to remember. We explain how to make your existing swing work better by eliminating unnecessary movement and adding efficient, powerful ballistic action.

The golf swing starts with a good, balanced set-up. The primary action starts with footwork. We work up to torso rotation as a secondary action which leads to shoulder, arm and finally hand action.

A good swing exists in golfers of all skill levels, but it may need personal adjusting to function properly and feel right.  Informative, incremental swing changes usually take about 8-10 practice shots each to become cognitive of differences.

Zoom lessons also available. Good for a brush-up, save time or live too far away.

Swing Technique Biomechanical (STB) Lessons with Kirk Smith

Personalized STB lessons on how to posture and develop awareness to implement joint and muscle movement, lower the risk of injury and awkwardness, increase flexibility and confidence.

We highly recommend STB back-to-back with golf lessons.  This combination is the most efficient and beneficial way to make progress.  About 80% of our students take tandem lessons. STB lessons can not be taken without golf lessons scheduled back-to-back.

Zoom Lessons also available. Good for those who want to save time, live out-of-town.

Player Development Programs: Play Golf with Confidence                                      

In addition to private lessons and optional tandem STB lessons, we also offer Henry-Griffitts custom club fitting, Fit2Aim putter fitting, short game classes and playing lessons for on-course situations like club and shot selection, lag putts, chipping in deep grass, reading greens and side-hill lies.

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For nearly 14 years, we owned an indoor golf studio with teaching aids and aboutGolf simulator. Here is a podcast interview from 2017. We have since closed our studio and teach outdoor, under a covered area at Harbour Pointe Golf Club by appointment.

A Podcast with Gaylord Rhodes interviewing Chris Aoki


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