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New! aboutGolf Simulator                                                                                    

New aboutGolf simulator. Latest state-of-the-art technology for efficient learning.

Get Golf Healthy is a 3, 1/2 hr. combination of private lessons in preparation for playing better golf by teaching balance, sequence, coordination and easy ways to gain flexibility directly related to the golf swing. Great for seniors, new golfers or those who have taken time off from golf. Sign up now and be ready for golf season. Special: $150

Chris Aoki Golf Teaching Philosophy

Welcome to making golf easy and fun.  A good swing exists in most golfers, but it may need adjusting to function properly and feel right.  In our indoor studio, Chris Aoki Golf Training Academy, we teach easy, incremental swing changes that take about 8-10 practice shots to experience.

A Podcast with Gaylord Rhodes interviewing Chris Aoki

We explain how to make your existing swing work better by eliminating unnecessary movement and adding efficient, powerful ballistic action.

We offer, in-house, personalized MPG lessons (Muscle Performance for Golf) on how to posture and develop awareness to implement joint and muscle movement.  Awkwardness, marginal flexibility and confusion are eliminated.

Golf lessons using our state-of-the-art PGA Tour about Golf simulator keeps you apprised of ball flight and video after every swing.  Step-by-step, your new, easier and repeatable MPG motion is realized.

We highly recommend back-to-back MPG and golf lessons.  This combination allows us to efficiently give you our time and expertise in a way that is most beneficial to you.  About 80% of our students take the tandem lessons.

We use our outdoor location at Harbour Pointe Golf Club to apply your swing to short game and on-course lessons.  Confidence improves with experience and knowledge.  Know the Joy!

Two Locations

Chris Aoki Golf Training Academy

In our indoor studio, we offer video lessons, MPG (Muscle Performance for Golf) lessons, Henry-Griffitts club fitting, Fit2Aim putter fitting, playing lessons and corporate entertainment and training workshops.chris aoki golf studio

Harbour Pointe Golf Club

At our outdoor location, we give lessons pertaining to on-course situations like club and shot selection, lag putts, chipping in deep grass, reading greens and side-hill lies. chris aoki golf

(425) 344-2581 studio

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