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Putter Fitting and Manufacturing: Interchangeable Heads, Hosels, and Shafts to Improve Aim


Fit2Aim: Fitting and Manufacturing, Inventor Chris Aoki


Fit2Aim History

Chris Aoki invented the Chris Aoki Putter Fitting Method and Fit2Aim, a putter fitting and manufacturing company in 1998. The shape of the putter head, design of the hosel, hosel offset, shaft length and sight-line location affect aim.

Fit2Aim is the first putter fitting manufacturing company to provide interchangeable heads, hosels and shafts for testing the Chris Aoki Putter Fitting Method. Fit2Aim is also the first company to be able to custom-fit and custom-build head shape with separate hosel design, length and sight-line location.

How Fit2Aim Came Forward

Since high school, Chris Aoki always had an interest in putting. It was the weakest part of her game so she was always on a quest to putt better. Even playing for the University of Washington, the putting stroke didn’t seem reliable and it seemed like erratic changes were necessary to find a concept that worked.

When she began teaching, she kept thinking about putters and would try different models hoping to find answers. Carl Welty introduced her to a laser in 1980 when he invited her to help him at a special event. He showed her how to use a laser to check aim for golf clubs. She bought an engineering laser and began experimenting. It was impossible to memorize aim because the putter never aimed at the target accurately.

Chris began using the laser to check different putter designs with her students. Different people aimed the same putter in different directions because they looked at the same putter differently to determine how they would aim it. Some putter designs would appear to be “optical illusions” to the right or left of the target.

She noticed 80% of golfers are more than 10 inches off-line at 6 feet away and 95% are outside of the hole. She began fitting putters “off-the-rack” by choosing different head and hosel shapes, but she could not choose a specific head with a different hosel. Aim improved and students had marginal improvement.

She felt aim could be improved even more with the putter individually designed for each student. The guesswork of aiming could be eliminated and the confidence of actually aiming dead center most of the time would be the solution to successfully making more putts.

In 1998, she showed Henry-Griffitts her putter fitting method. The next day, Jim Hofmeister, the head of research and development, contacted Chris. With the help of H-G, she invented Fit2Aim putters that same year. The putter heads, hosels, lie angles, shafts and sight-lines are interchangeable so each part of the putter can be tested one at a time to improve aim.

The Fitting Process

When the best combination of specifications is tested and determined for each person, the putting stroke neutralizes and corrects the path of the putter in relation to the target.  It becomes easier to determine posture and eye position.  The movement of the body, putting stroke, path and solid centerness of contact can be corrected because more accurate aim builds the relationship of the aim relative to the putting stroke.

Chris Aoki and Kirk Smith have fit thousands of golfers, since 1998 and continue to actively fit putters in their studio, Chris Aoki Golf Training Academy and Harbour Pointe Golf Club.  Fit2Aim is used by over 70 golf teaching professionals in the United States and Canada.  They fit their students for Fit2Aim putters.

Choosing a Fit2Aim putter is beyond another arbitrary putter “off the rack”.  You will be gaining a workable putter, chosen with result-driven intention. The fitting session is actually the best putting lesson you can get.  Old habits established by a putter you can not aim accurately will go away and be replaced with new habits to help you see your aim, improve your putting stroke, and score with confidence.

  • Get solid contact and judge speed and distance reliably.
  • Sink more putts within 6 feet.

Fit2Aim Putter Package

$570.00 includes the putter, fitting session, shipping, tax and follow-up when the putter arrives. Please note that the fitting session is actually a lesson for you on how to use your custom-fit putter. You will be tested for posture and the eye and hand position that is best for you. Your putting stroke will be adjusted to improve consistency with less over-thinking.

Please contact us to make an appointment. (425) 344-2581 cell  or email

(425) 344-2581 cell

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