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Chris Aoki Golf Training Academy

It has been a life-long dream to teach with equipment that improves technique quickly.  A golf swing that looks good, feels right and performs well is possible to achieve.

Advances in technology, our experience and your desire to learn and train give you the advantage to play your best golf.

Simulator Technology

We have chosen an aboutGolf Simulator: The advantages are stunning.  Video analysis after every swing and accurate ball flight peak the learning curve three times faster than traditional academy studio

When you step into the simulator, you view a virtual driving range.  Hit a ball and watch it continue throughout the screen as if on a real range.  Three high-speed cameras take the equivalent of 2,000 frames per second to record directional spin.  The results are 99% accurate: this is the necessary feedback for you to make swing adjustments.

The simulator also holds over 40 golf courses so preliminary on-course management can be efficiently learned in a shorter amount of time.  We are also able to host corporate training and hospitality workshops using famous holes for instruction.


We offer our own in-house MPG (Muscle Performance for Golf) lessons using equipment and drills to improve movement before apply it to the golf academy rotexSpecialized Rotex equipment teaches you what muscles to use to increase range of motion and recruit power in the golf swing.


The Explanar has improved feeling positioning in the golf academy explanarWhen you are in the middle of the ring, you feel the plane of your swing from the beginning to the top of your back swing and through the forward swing to the finish.  Body position, balance, arm, wrist and hand position are felt as they work together.

Henry-Griffitts Club Fitting, Fit2Aim Putter Fitting

We use H-G to fit your golf clubs to the motion of your good swings and create consistent ball flight. We want you to minimize the struggle to make equipment work for academy hgFit2Aim putters are custom-made and custom-fit to improve aim.  At 6 feet away, 80% of golfers aim outside the hole and 60% are more than a foot away. Fit2Aim is the first to make interchangeable design features that test aim using the Chris Aoki Fitting Method.

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