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We specialize in golf lessons using state-of-the-art technology and combine them with Muscle Performance for Golf (MPG) teaching aids.

Chris Aoki Golf Training Academy is an indoor studio located one block north of our outdoor location, Harbour Pointe Golf Club.  Inside, students have the benefit of MPG training lessons in tandem with simulator video lessons. Outside, practical applications bring your skills from improved technique to confidence.

Simulator Video Lessons

When you enter our indoor studio, an aboutGolf simulator is located to the right and our Muscle Performance for Golf (MPG) training lesson area is to the left.  Chris Aoki’s systematic teaching methods with the latest studio technology give you step-by-step coaching.
simulator video lesson

  • Learn in a studio designed to help you understand and improve.
  • Accomplish more, faster, by using effective training methods.

Chris Aoki’s systematic teaching methods with the latest studio technology give you step by step coaching. As you hit the ball into a 10 X 15 ft screen, three high-speed cameras determine the ball trajectory and distance accurately as the ball virtually travels on the screen as if on a real driving range.
A large picture immediately appears with a video of your swing. Side-by-side comparisons to a model swing help you visualize the proper motion so you can easily follow, understand and remember your lesson.

  • Get immediate video feedback after every swing.
  • Build confidence by knowing your golf swing.


MPG with Kirk Smith, CFT

MPG is a training pre-golf lesson in what muscles to use and how to use them correctly in the golf swing. Learn rotational action in a healthy way to minimize injury and awkward movement. Muscle movement develops correctly to recruit power, balance and quickness.
mpg lesson with kirk
The majority of students take an MPG session or pre-lesson just before a simulator video lesson.

  • Training is immediately effective.
  • Results in your golf lesson are up to five times faster.

Get Golf Healthy with Kirk Smith

3, 1/2 hr. Private Lesson Special

Good golf strategy starts with being golf healthy. Rotational movement moves feet, hips, torso and arms to improve flexibility, rhythm, balance coordination and endurance.

Special: 3, 1/2 hr. lessons $150

Golf Lessons

A golf lesson begins with adjustments in the address position and how they affect the swing motion. What you learned in your MPG pre-golf lesson is applied to your golf swing. Then in your golf lesson, video is used to see immediate results and greater understanding. A step-by-step method is used to build your swing by process and not by random tips.

  • Take ownership of your golf swing and learn to make corrections.
  • Recruit power and still move smoothly, fluidly and with solid impact.

lesssons with chris


The Explanar, popular among students, is an actual swing trainer. A heavy roller is used along a circular path adjusted to the plane of your swing. The heaviness of the roller exaggerates the feel of muscle action, balance, timing and rhythm. Your swing plane, body rotation, hand action through impact, and shoulder and arm movement are easy to see and feel.

  • Experience the feel of the swing.
  • Know where the plane of your swing should be.


Outdoor Lessons at Harbour Pointe Golf Club

A block away, we conduct outdoor playing lessons.outdoor lessonThe grass driving range, well-kept putting greens and regulation championship golf course will give you an opportunity to overcome difficulties with side-hill lies, deep grass and breaking putts.
outdoor lesson

Please Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions about beginning. group, playing or simulator lessons, golf fitness, club and putter fitting. We look forward to working with you. Whether you are playing for fun, business or personal achievement, we want you to attain your goals in golf efficiently and with good understanding. We are grateful to work with so many wonderful students and we look forward to meeting and working with many more.

Golf is meant to be a journey of learning. When challenges are met, friends are encouraged, thoughts have clarity and the body is active, golfers become passionate about playing a better game and loving it.

Please make an appointment by emailing or by calling  (425) 344-2581.

Lesson Rates 2018


      • 1/2 hr. = $110
      • 1 hr. = $195
      • Series of 3, 1/2 hr. sessions = $300
      • Series of 6, 1/2 hr. sessions = $540


      • 1/2 hr. = $80
      • 1 hr. = $165
      • Series of 3, 1/2 hr. sessions = $225

MPG Pre-Golf Lesson Rates 2018

      • 1/2 hr. = $55
      • 1 hr. = $110
      • Series of 6, 1/2 hr. sessions = $300

(425) 344-2581

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