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Chris Aoki Golf Mailing Address

PO Box 1312

Mukilteo, WA 98275

office: (425) 348-4686

Chris Aoki Golf Training Academy

11601 Harbour Pointe

Mukilteo, WA 98275

studio: (425) 512-9007


Find Us

Outdoor Covered Area

Chris Aoki Golf is at Harbour Pointe Golf Club.

Chris Aoki Golf Training Academy

We are located in the middle, white covered area on the driving range. Protected by wind and rain, lessons are available all year by appointment. (425) 344-2581

Kirk is offering STB training just before a regular golf lesson.

Henry-Griffitts Club Fitting, Fit2Aim Putter Fitting

We use H-G to fit your golf clubs to the motion of your good swings and create consistent ball flight. We want you to minimize the struggle to make equipment work for academy hgFit2Aim putters are custom-made and custom-fit to improve aim.  At 6 feet away, 80% of golfers aim outside the hole and 60% are more than a foot away. Fit2Aim is the first to make interchangeable design features that test aim using the Chris Aoki Fitting Method.

(425) 344-2581

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