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Chris Aoki Golf Training Academy

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Private Golf Lesson: Chris Aoki, PGA Professional                                                                                                                                A golf lesson is systematic, progressive and begins with adjustments in the address position and how they affect swing motion and ball flight direction. Step-by-step, the process of footwork, legs, torso, shoulders, arms and hands start to work together. Results are better understood and easier to self-correct. Our mission is your ability to take ownership of your golf swing, self-correct and build confidence.

STB with Kirk Smith, CFT                                                                                                   Swing Technique Biomechanics or STB is a pre-golf lesson using training aids to become familiar with how to move more easily using proper sequence, improved balance and recruit proper muscle groups. Rotational action is learned to minimize injury and awkward movement. The golf swing develops easily to generate power, good balance and quickness efficiently. Good for men and women, seniors, beginners and good players of all ages. 

Private Lesson with STB                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     An optional STB pre-lesson back-to-back with a private lesson is highly recommended for best results. STB lessons can not be taken without a back-to-back regular lessons. The majority of students take an STB pre-lesson with a golf lesson to see immediate effectiveness with consistent repetition. 

Contact Us                                                                                                                                           Please contact us with any questions about private lessons for all skill levels, playing lessons, club and putter fitting. We look forward to working with you. Whether you are playing for fun, business or personal achievement, we want you to attain your goals in golf efficiently and with good understanding. We are grateful to work with so many wonderful students and we look forward to meeting and working with many more.

Golf is a wonderful journey of learning a skill for life-long enjoyment and personal fulfillment. With challenges, friends encourage friends, thoughts have clarity and the body is active. Golfers become passionate about playing a better game, loving it and look forward to more fun.

Please make an appointment by emailing or by calling  (425) 344-2581.

Lesson Rates 


      • 1/2 hr.  $120
      • 1 hr. $230
      • Series of 3, 1/2 hr. sessions $330
      • Series of 6, 1/2 hr. sessions $600


      • 1/2 hr. $110
      • 1 hr. $175
      • Series of 3, 1/2 hr. sessions $300

STB Pre-Golf Lesson Rates 

      • 1/2 hr. $75
      • Series of 3, 1/2 hr. lessons $210
      • Series of 6, 1/2 hr. lessons $390

(425) 344-2581

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